Our exercise as a method

We calculated the roof loads in Step One and analyzed Beam RB-3 in Step Two. We determined two trial beam sizes that pass the code requirements in Step Three. In Step Four we discussed connection styles. We concluded with Step Five, where we evaluated actions that help manage project costs.

Is our exercise complete?

Preliminary design begins the iterative design process. The process requires patience and communication. As structural engineers, we design our buildings with dots-and-lines and analysis software. We communicate our design with numbers and letters. Other teams rely upon our design decisions to proceed with planning. Our designs may be revised; our decisions may be questioned. So, the method we use to make decisions needs to be traceable. Look at Figure 11 to follow the dots-and-lines of the decision-making method…

See — even the simple exercise of a steel roof beam design requires a method.

Calculate and evaluate.

Communicate and listen.