Listed below are references used in creating this document. The Canadian Design Codes are relevant to this document’s content. The Reference Books, Articles, and Professional Development Courses explain the content with deeper scope. The American design guides are included for continued learning and understanding of ideas outside the scope of our document.

Canadian Design Codes

National Research Council of Canada, National Building Code of Canada 2015, Ottawa, Ontario, 2015. [LINK]

  • The Canadian national building code is the minimum standard for building design. Part 4, Appendix C, Commentary G, and Commentary H are referenced in Step One.

Canadian Institute of Steel Construction, Handbook of Steel Construction, Eleventh Edition, Toronto, Ontario, 2017. [LINK]

  • This is the standard reference for steel design in Canada. The Handbook contains CSA S16-14, a commentary section explaining each clause, and data tables.

Reference Books

Kulak, G.L. and Grondin, G.Y., Limit States Design in Structural Steel, Seventh Edition, Canadian Institute of Steel Construction, Toronto, Ontario, 2005. [LINK]

  • Dr. Kulak and Dr. Grondin were professors at the University of Alberta. Their book is published in conjunction with the Handbook of Steel Construction.


Muir, L., “5 Common Myths of Steel Design Debunked,” Structure Magazine, July 2007. [LINK]

  • An article written by an experienced steel fabricator and presenter with AISC.

Fisher, J.M. and West, M.A., “98 Tips for Designing Structural Steel,” Modern Steel Construction, AISC, September 2010. [LINK]

  • An article that summarizes design considerations from a fabricator’s perspective.

Mitchell, H. and Brady, M., “Best Tips of the 21st Century: Connections,” Modern Steel Construction, AISC, February 2011. [LINK]

  • An article summarizing tips on making smarter designs.

Professional Development Courses

Canadian Institute of Steel, “Steel-Framed Commercial Building Design Notes,” Seminar, 2007. [LINK]

  • A seminar that works through a building design exercise.

Drucker, C., “Do’s and Don’ts of Steel Design (A Construction Friendly Perspective)”, NASCC Steel Conference, 2010. [LINK]

  • Presentation notes analyzing steel design details and their consequences in construction.

American Design Guides

American Institute of Steel Construction, Design Guide 3 – Serviceability Design Considerations for Steel Buildings, Second Edition, Chicago, Illinois, 2003. [LINK]

  • A design guide discussing the serviceability design considerations for steel buildings.

American Institute of Steel Construction, Design Guide 5 – Low and Medium-Rise Steel Buildings, First Edition, Chicago, Illinois, 1991. [LINK]

  • A design guide discussing structural design considerations for low-rise steel buildings.

American Institute of Steel Construction, Design Guide 23 – Constructability of Structural Steel Buildings, First Edition, Chicago, Illinois, 2008. [LINK]

  • A design guide discussing project delivery ideas in current practice.